You can update your pricing plan at any time. You will be billed each month from your account balance.

To update your pricing plan:

  1. Open the settings page
  2. Click on billing in the side-menu
  3. Click the change plan button at the top of the billing page
  4. Select your new plan by clicking the select plan button for the plan you want
  5. Click upgrade/downgrade on the confirmation message.
  6. Your plan will update instantly

Please note:

  • If you would like to downgrade your plan you need to ensure that you have the total number of people and budgets allowed in your new plan first
  • Once you updated your plan you will be billed for your usage between the start of your current billing cycle and the day that you updated your plan
  • A new billing cycle will begin from the day after you update your plan
  • You will be billed at the end of your billing cycle for your new plan like normal
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