Budgets are flexible and can be created for teams, projects, events, subscriptions, one-off purchases and more.

To create a budget:

  1. Open the budgets page
  2. Click the ‘create new budget’ button to open the create a new budget form
  3. Enter the budget name – make the name something that everyone can clearly understand
  4. Enter the amount you would like to allocate to the budget- this is generally the total amount you wish to spend on that budget
  5. Select if the budget repeats monthly or not – if you select ‘never’ you are able to set an expiry date by checking the box and entering an expiry date
  6. Assign an approver for the budget by clicking their name from the drop down – this person is responsible for approving top-up requests
  7. Assign all required team members to the budget by clicking their names from the drop down. – these people will have access to the funds allocated to them
  8. Select how the budget is allocated by selecting even split, approve every expense or custom
  9. Click the create button once you have entered all details into the form
  10. Your budget will be created instantly and team member will be issued a virtual card with their funds

Please note, once you create a budget each team member will be instantly issued a virtual card with their allocated funds available to spend.

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