If you need to track client codes, project codes, regions and territories or any other cost-centres for your expenses then setting up custom fields will require your staff members to record any cost-centre related information when they pay for an expense.

To setup a custom-field:

  1. Go to settings > expense management
  2. Turn on custom fields
  3. Click create new custom field
  4. Enter a field name i.e. Project Codes
  5. Select which budgets are required to record this information by selecting all applicable budgets from the dropdown list
  6. Choose how you want your staff to record the information. Choosing a free text field will allow your staff to freely type in required information. Creating a list will allow your staff to select from a defined list of options
  7. If you select 'create a list' you will be required to enter field options - type each option and hit enter
  8. Click create to complete your custom field

Staff members in applicable budgets will now be required to record cost centre information when they a make a payment.

A new column will be created for each custom field in the reports page so that you can review and analyse this data.

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