By setting up your SaaS subscription payments in DiviPay you will be able to create virtual subscription cards that lock to specific merchants and amounts. You will also be able to control all of your subscriptions from a single register which will help you prevent any double-ups or unnecessary subscriptions.

To setup a new subscription or migrate an existing one across:

  1. Go to 'subscriptions'
  2. Click start new subscription
  3. Enter the name of your subscription provider - your subscription card will lock to this provider
  4. Select a subscription owner - this person will be able to pay for the subscription
  5. Enter a maximum billing amount - you cannot be charged more than this amount
  6. Select a billing frequency - you cannot be charged outside of this frequency
  7. Open the DiviPay mobile app to access your unique subscription card
  8. Enter the card details into the provider's website as normal

If you have integrated your accounting software all subscription payments will be automatically imported into your account software just like regular transactions are.

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