Rolling out DiviPay to your business is simple. Just follow this guide and you will have DiviPay implemented in your business in no time.

If you would like help rolling out DiviPay to your business please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'd love to help you and your staff get up and running on DiviPay.

Step 1: Communicate that you will be using DiviPay for your expenses

Send a message to your staff or spread the word through an internal meeting. It's important to let your team know that there will be a change to the way that they manage their expenses coming up (for the better!).

This is a standard communications template that you can use:

Hi everyone, in the coming weeks we will be rolling out DiviPay - a virtual corporate card and expense management platform to streamline our expense processes. DiviPay's web and mobile app will help us to eliminate reimbursements and card sharing whilst automating your expense reporting.

You will receive an invite to join our DiviPay account shortly. Please click the link in this email to create your account and download the DiviPay mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

We have training scheduled for {insert time and date}. In this session you will be shown how to use your DiviPay virtual corporate card to pay for expenses and how your expense reporting will be completed automatically.

Step 2: Invite your staff to DiviPay

Invite your staff to your DiviPay account and add them to a budget. This will allow each staff member to be issued with a virtual corporate card.

Step 3: Ensure staff have created their DiviPay account and downloaded the mobile app

Once you invite your staff to DiviPay they will receive an email prompting them to join your team and create an account.

Once they have created their account it's important that your staff download the DiviPay mobile app so that they they can access their virtual corporate cards.

To make your training session run as smoothly as possible please make sure that they have done this before the session.

Step 3: Run training sessions

We recommend running seperate sessions for account admins and team members.

Ensure that staff members come to the session with their laptops and mobile phones so that they can participate as you run your training sessions.

Agenda for admin training session:


  • Creating a budget
  • Reviewing a budget
  • Editing a budget


  • Creating a subscription
  • Managing a subscription


  • Reviewing expenses


  • Role types & inviting additional team members
  • Removing team members


  • Transferring funds into your account balance
  • Setting up additional expense reporting fields
  • Updating your chart of accounts

Accounting software

  • Reviewing DiviPay expenses in your accounting software
  • Reconciling expenses in your accounting software

Agenda for team member training session:


  • Adding your card to Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Making a payment
  • Setting a PIN
  • Completing an expense


  • Making a request
  • Approving a request

Getting help

  • Help centre
  • Live chat

Encourage participation and make sure you leave time for questions throughout each session.

Step 4: Send a follow up note with training guide

Follow up participants with a thank you note and answer any outstanding questions from the training session.

You can find a training guide for team members here. It's worthwhile attaching this to the message so that they can reference it if they forget a step in the future.

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