To reconcile the funding of your DiviPay account in Xero you will need to:

  1. Open Xero and click the Accounting tab in the top bar
  2. Select your business bank account
  3. Find the amount you transferred into DiviPay under the 'Reconcile' tab
  4. On the right hand side of the transaction under the column header "...then match with your transactions in Xero" select the 'Transfer' tab
  5. Use the drop down under 'Select a bank account' and choose 'DiviPay Expenses Account'
  6. You can use the reference field to add extra information
  7. Click reconcile
  8. Open your 'DiviPay Expenses Account'
  9. Open the amount that you transferred into DiviPay
  10. Mark as reconciled

This will also update your statement balance in your DiviPay Expense Account. 

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