Setting up a direct debit automatically tops up your account balance whenever it is running low.

To add funds via direct debit:

  1. Go to settings > account balance
  2. Click on direct debit on the top up account balance section of the page
  3. Turn on direct debit
  4. Enter a top up amount – this is how much funds will be added to the available to allocate part of your account balance once you drop to a specific minimum balance
  5. Enter a minimum balance greater than $0 – this is the specific threshold that will trigger the direct debit. This is based off your 'available to allocate'.
  6. Click the save button
  7. Enter the account name, BSB and account number for the bank account that will be direct debited
  8. Click save
  9. You will be prompted to verify your bank account. To verify your bank account please check your online bank account in 1-2 business days. You will receive a 1 cent credit with a 6 digit code in the transaction description.
  10. Enter the 6 digit code once you have retrieved it
  11. Click the verify button
  12. Your account balance will now automatically top up whenever it reaches your specified minimum balance

We recommend setting your top up amount as the total amount of all your budgets and subscriptions for the next month plus a small buffer amount to cover for any unexpected expenses.

For example, businesses that are expecting to spend $8,000 across the next month would typically set their top up amount as $10,000 to give themselves a $2,000 buffer.

Please note, your funds will be available in your DiviPay account balance in 3-5 working days. You should take this into consideration when entering your top up amounts and minimum balance.

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