Mapping your chart of accounts to DiviPay’s expense categories means that all expenses will be automatically categorised against your account codes. You can update the mapping at any time.

To map your chart of accounts:

  1. Please ensure you have integrated DiviPay with accounting software first
  2. Open the settings page
  3. Click on chart of accounts in the side-menu
  4. Click on the ‘select accounting code’ drop down next to a relevant expense category
  5. Select the accounting code that matches the expense category
  6. Repeat for each relevant expense category
  7. Turn off any expense categories that aren’t relevant for your business by clicking the switch on the right hand side. These will not be assigned and will not appear as an option for your team members.
  8. Click done

Please note:

  • Chart of accounts mapping is currently only available to users that have integrated DiviPay with their accounting software
  • Each category may also have a number of subcategories. If you do not wish to use a subcategory simply leave it blank or switch it off
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